"Kyoto" Power & Fortune Dragon Printing of original logo and name – OMAMORI "Kyoto" Power & Fortune Dragon

[Answers to prayers: Development, economic fortune, prosperity in business, protection against evil spirits, health, safety, good match, and harmonious relations] [Purpose: Home, company, congratulatory gift, gift, personal use]

Printing of original logo and name

We offer the service of printing a desired logo and name (including a message) on Framed OMAMORI. * Printing costs such as inserting name and logo are included in the price.

Please note that the position of the characters is fixed.

How to request the service After completing your order, please email us the data of the desired logo (Adobe Illustrator data), message(up to 30 characters), character color (red or white), your order number, and your name. *We can also print either the logo or message alone, instead of both together.
Sender: info@omamori-dragon.net

Character color samples
*The actual color may differ from the image depending on your monitor (or mobile device), etc.


Printed logos (examples)

  • We only accept Adobe Illustrator data (vector data) for logos.
    *Please outline text (define it as a graphic).
  • We can only reproduce logo colors from the data. (We cannot edit or otherwise change them.)
  • Edge feathering and drop shadows cannot be printed.
  • Up to 30 characters can be printed. The more characters are printed, the smaller they are.
  • Logo sizes are 18 mm high for the special size, 15 mm high for the large size, and 10 mm high for the small size. (We will adjust the width.)
  • The printing method is UV inkjet printing.
  • We do not accept any changes or cancellations after the request for the service is sent.

It is described as a sample layout, number of characters, and character size.