"Kyoto" Power & Fortune Dragon Koyasan Shingon sector of Buddhism, Nyoisan Toji Temple|お守り一筆龍 -Power – OMAMORI "Kyoto" Power & Fortune Dragon

[Answers to prayers: Development, economic fortune, prosperity in business, protection against evil spirits, health, safety, good match, and harmonious relations] [Purpose: Home, company, congratulatory gift, gift, personal use]

Buddhist temple where prayers are offered Nyoisan Touji-ji Temple of Koyasan Shingon Sect


Nyoisan Touji-ji Temple of Koyasan Shingon Sect, with 1,200 years of history
Nyoisan Touji-ji Temple of Koyasan Shingon Sect, which will celebrate its 1,200th anniversary, was commissioned as the wishing temple of the Fujiwara clan by Fujiwara Fuyutsugu. It is commonly known as “yu-zu-san” because it grants (“yu-zu” in Japanese) wishes.

What is “Yu-zu-san”
“Yu-zu-san” is the nickname of Nyoi-Hoshu Yu-zu-son, a deity who grants wishes.

A wish-granting jewel that is said to have been created by Odaishi-sama (Kobo-Daishi/Kukai)

*Meanings of yu-zu : Meanings of this word include capability of adapting to each situation appropriately and coping with each situation appropriately and flexibly.

 Touji-ji Temple is a Buddhist temple of the Koyasan Shingon Sect that is located in Ikutama-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi.
Its sango (mountain name) is Nyoisan. It is listed as the 19th temple in the Settsukoku Hachijuhachikasho (the 88 temples that are visited during the Settsu Province Kannon Pilgrimage).

Inside the main hall

Inside the main hall/ Statues in the inner-most sanctuary (from the left)
吉祥天 -Kisshoten-
金剛寶菩薩 -Kongo-Houbosatsu-
【Principal image of Buddha 】寶生如来 / 融通尊 -Housho-Nyorai/ Yu-zu-son-
金剛幢菩薩 -Kongo-Doubosatsu-
聖観世音菩薩 -Sho-Kanzeon-Bosatsu-


August,2020 dedicate

Grave and monument of Toyoko Yamasaki

The temple is also famous for the grave of
Toyoko Yamasaki, a nationally renowned novelist who passed away at the age of 89. She wrote novels including Shiroi Kyoto and Karei-naru Ichizoku.

108th Chief Priest of Touji-ji Temple
Toshihiro Kuwahara

An executive member of Super Sanga/ An executive member of Senbotsu-sha Go-ikotsu Kikoku Undo (task force for returning the remains of the war dead to Japan)/ Organizer of many takuhatsu (exchange chanting of sutras for donations) projects for supporting disaster reconstruction.

Blessing / Praying

The Omamori (lucky charm) has received prayers at Nyoisan Touji-ji Temple of Koyasan Shingon Sect., which is commonly known as “yu-zu-san.”

What is the Koyasan Shingon Sect?

-The charms of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism-

Many denominations of “”Shingon Sect”” are in existence. Even if trying to teach the main denomination, one can, in reality, be able to teach 18 varieties. Koyasan Shingon Sect represents one of those denominations. We of the Koyasan Shingon Sect, are the source of faith in Koyasan Okunoin the mausoleum ofKobo Daishi Mausoleum, and as the location of the Danjogaran, we share these teachings and traditions until today.

The Mausoleum of Kobo Daishi)
The holy site where Kobo Daishi rests

Nyutei (Entering Meditation)

As one discipline of Shingon sect esoteric Buddhism, training to obtain enlightenment

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