[Answers to prayers: Development, economic fortune, prosperity in business, protection against evil spirits, health, safety, good match, and harmonious relations] [Purpose: Home, company, congratulatory gift, gift, personal use]

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The "OMAMORI" Kyoto One Stroke Dragon (Power & Fortune Dragon) is a series of Omamori (amulets) that features a picture of a dragon. As the name suggests, the torso of the dragon is drawn in one uninterrupted stroke. It has been valued as a good luck charm since the Edo era based on the belief that it "maintains growth and economic fortune," "maintains good relationships and growth," and "connects people." The One Stroke Dragon is offered in various types of Omamori.

What is “Yu-zu-san”
“Yu-zu-san” is the nickname of Nyoi-Hoshu Yu-zu-son, a deity who grants wishes.

A wish-granting jewel that is said to have been created by Odaishi-sama (Kobo-Daishi/Kukai)

Select by type (color) of Kyoto One Stroke Dragon — 23 options

12 options for Lucky Dragon (ascending dragon)

9 options for Guardian Dragon (protective dragon)

2 options for Marriage Tie Dragon (happy couple of dragon)

All dragons were drawn gorgeously with Sanskrit characters.  The high-resolution pictures are printed clearly under the supervision of Keisuke Tejima, a Kyoto One Stroke Dragon artist, by applying plate-making technologies for faithful reproductions that are as close to the original pictures as possible. In addition, the details are finished carefully and uniquely among the different types of OMAMORI (OMAMORI Banner, Framed OMAMORI, OMAMORI as a hanging scroll, OMAMORI Plaque, and Take-along OMAMORI). 
*These Omamori were finished by applying a specialized technique (high-resolution printing and special processing) to reproduction paintings, instead of using the originals.

answers to prayers/enclosure method (method of use)

What is "KYOTO" One Stroke Dragon?

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Nyoisan Touji-ji Temple of Koyasan Shingon Sect

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Nyoisan Touji-ji Temple of Koyasan Shingon Sect.

[ Photo permission ]
Head Religious Affairs Office, Koyasan Shingon Sect. Main Temple Kongobu-ji

[ One Stroke Dragon Artist ] 
Keisuke Teshima

[ Secretariat ]
New Omamori “yu-zu-san" Secretariat
(Catalogue Jigyo Sogo Kenkyusho Inc.)

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